Shopping Tips

Choosing new flooring can be a somewhat daunting task. To eliminate confusion and frustration, we offer a checklist to streamline the process, and to help in your preparation for an exceptional shopping experience.

Things to do at home:

First and foremost, is to get an ideal of how much flooring you need. Start with a simple drawing of the rooms of your home. It’s a good ideal to label each room on the drawing. When looking at a drawing it’s easy to get turned around. Measure each room (length and width), very carefully, and be sure to measure into closets and at least halfway into doorways. We recommend using a metal tape measure. Decide what type of flooring and color scheme is desirable in each room, (like: baby blue vinyl flooring in the bathrooms, and earthtone ceramic tile in the kitchen). Make notes on things like how much traffic, and sunlight the rooms get. Also write down if the room has an entry to the outside, as in a patio. If you can, try to determine what kind of foundation or subfloor your home has.

Let’s shop:

Now that you have your checklist, it’s time to come into The Floor Pavilion and let us help you make all the right decisions on flooring products. Our sales staff will be happy to review the manufacturers warranty along with the procedures in maintenance and care, recommended by the manufacturers. Most manufacturers offer brochures on maintenance and care. Remember that no carpet is 100% stain proof. Also manufacturers will recommend the correct type of cushion or “pad” you need to satisfy warranty requirements.

An appointment will be made to get an exact measurement for your home. At this time, our staff will offer advice on how the floor will be laid out and where all seams will be located. We will confirm all final decisions for your approval. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.