Design Ideas

Interior design is much more than just color or a combination of special design effects. It is a personal soul searching process. It takes time, discussion, and at times professional help. Perhaps your lifestyle will be a good way to decide a design statement, or maybe personal tastes will determine your selections. Here are some basic tips that may help point you in the right direction.

Traffic: The amount and kind of traffic in certain rooms should have an effect on your choices of flooring. Will some rooms be accessible to the outdoors or a garage? How much traffic will the stairs get? Will sunlight be a factor in some rooms? These and other questions should be asked to help determine your needs. The discussion of these questions could result in a significant savings on the total price of new flooring.

Color: One of the first things you notice when walking into a room is the color scheme. Bright sun like colors can bring a warm welcoming effect. Darker color schemes provide a comfortable coziness. Light earthtones seem to make a room appear larger. The vast choice of shades in blues, greens, and reds are becoming very popular, and create a relaxing atmosphere. Generally when choosing a color, it may help to examine colors in your furniture or draperies, and try to stay within those color schemes.

The Budget: Technology has provided todays flooring industry with the ability to offer flooring products for most consumers needs. With attractive financing and a product line for every budget, flooring needs have never been more affordable. The Floor Pavilion looks forward to helping you get the best deals around.